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The purpose of Computer Builders Central is to provide information on how to build computers. The site provides articles on how to build computers and what components to use. It also includes reviews of new products and software. Finally, it features a set of message boards and a chat room were people can talk about these computers.

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For Netscape 6 and Mozilla users you can get the lastest information from Computer Builders Central in your Sidebar. It displays the latest news headlines and features from the site, links to important information, and a site search. You can also see the latest news headlines and features with any RSS reader.

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Site Updates

October 22, 2001

In the last two months there has been a bit of cosmetic work on the site, and some more articles were released. We have just completed a major overhaul of the sites code. We are about 90 percent of the way to moving the code over to XHTML 1.0, the next version of HTML. For users that use a recently released browser the site will look the same, individuals still using Netscape 4 will have extra spacing but the content will render correctly. The code has been shrunk down, which will provide for shorter page loads. Newer articles now have larger and higher resolution images. We added support for the Site Navigation Bar that was added to Mozilla beginning with version 0.9.5, this feature allows users quick access to all parts of the site and allows for navigating the site without having to understand the intricacies of the site.

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Netscape Sidebar Tab of the Day

Netscape Sidebar Tab of the Day- July 19, 2001

Received for our tab designed for the Netscape 6 browser.

Browser Compatability:

iCab 2: Text is spaced incorrectly, hover's do not work.

Internet Explorer 6: Almost Perfect.

Internet Explorer 5: Almost perfect.

Mozilla 0: Almost perfect.

Netscape 6: Almost Perfect.

Netscape 4: Text size is to small, hover's do not work.

OmniWeb 4: Text size is off, hover's do not work.

Opera 6: All text is incorrectly sized and may be the wrong font.

Opera 5: Darkblue backgrounds may be missing, all text is incorrectly sized and may be the wrong font.

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