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Build Your Own PC by Morris Rosenthal

Build Your Own PC Cover

From the Back Cover

Build and customize your own PC from start to finish!

Get the most out of your computer and save money by putting together and customizing your very own PC! With PC and component prices falling, there's no better time to build your own personal computer, and Build Your Own PC will show you how. PC expert Morris Rosenthal explains everything you need to know including basic vocabulary and where to find and purchase parts in clear easy-to-understand language. You'll learn how to assemble both tower and desktop PCs, how to install an operating system and software, and also learn about technology upgrades and add-ons. Page after page of step-by-step photos guide you through the entire assembly process. If you can follow a recipe, then you can learn to build your own PC!

Easy, step-by-step instructions include: Basic vocabulary and a visual glossary identifying PC parts Buying advice for purchasing parts Cost estimates and options for customizing a PC to meet your needs First-time operating system installation instructions Technology upgrades and add-ons

From the author

The main focus of this book is the heavily illustrated building section in which we full assemble a Slot 1 ATX PC (Pentium II and Celeron) and a Socket 7 ATX PC (AMD K6, AMD K6-2, Cyrix/IBM 6X86). There are over 130 hands-on photographs in the build sections, not just a collection of "identification" photos. You can follow along with the pictures for mounting the motherboard, attaching power leads, mounting heat sinks and CPUs, installing drives and adapters, even opening and closing the case is included.

The text includes a basic introduction to computer parts and terms for beginners, followed by a chapter for selecting parts and making purchasing decisions. A great deal of attention is given to the subject of costs and benefits. After the large assembly sections, the book concludes with a guide to installing Windows 98

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