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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Box


Designed for reliability, security and privacy, high performance, and ease of use, the Windows XP operating system provides a host of benefits for business and home users. A clean and simple desktop, rock-solid reliability, and easy-to-use features that take advantage of the digital age all contribute to the value of Windows XP.

Enhancements in real-time voice, video, and data communications will allow the PC to become a center of communications and creativity beyond just e-mail and instant messaging. Windows XP will also allow the user to connect back to the desktop from any location, and support for new wireless networks will be built in. Windows XP will unify the user's support experience by enabling the user to provide temporary and secure control of their PC over the Internet to whomever can best help them.

Windows XP takes an end-to-end approach to how people transfer videos and pictures onto their computer, how they use them on their PC and other devices, and how they share them, whether in person or through e-mail, over the Web, or through removable media like DVDs and CDs. It extends this experience through applications that help users buy music and videos, mobile devices, services for saving your music on the Internet, and more. Windows XP will make it easier for households to share a single PC and share pictures, music, files, printers, and other resources.


  • With Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft has merged the best features of its consumer operating systems with the power, security, and reliability of the Windows 2000 engine to create a new friendlier, more dependable operating system.
  • Prevents you or your applications from accidentally changing the core operating system files. This helps protect your system proactively and automatically.
  • Your applications do not have access to the software code kernel upon which your operating system is based. This greatly improves the reliability of your system.
  • Errant applications will not cause your computer to crash. Each application is in a completely separate, protected memory space.
  • The Internet Connection Firewall helps guard your computer from intrusion when you are connected to the Internet. Now you can rest assured that Windows XP Home Edition is working to protect you from unwanted attacks over the Internet.
  • Fast User Switching allows you and your family or friends the ability to share a single computer without having to close each other's applications each time you need to access your own account.
  • Provides you with the ability to invite a trusted friend or support professional also running Windows XP to be your remote assistant. Through an Internet connection, your assistant can chat with you, observe your working screen, and, with your permission, remotely control your computer.
  • Saving critical information to a CD is as easy as saving to a floppy disk or hard disk. By selecting a folder of software, photos, or even music and dragging it to the CD-R device icon, you can create your own CDs.
  • Home Networking Allows you to Set up a home network, including physical connections such as for printers or faxes, installing protocols and bridging, Share an Internet connection with all computers on a network, Share resources on a computer.
  • Provides the capability of replacing an unstable device driver (does not include printer drivers) with a previously installed version that you knew was working. This helps you focus on a particular device that is causing you problems rather than dealing with your entire system.

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