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Latest Update

On November 14, 2001 this message was added to the site: That's the million dollar question. The last we heard from CNet was that the testing was completed (finally) and that they would be ready to add weekend programming. We are still waiting to hear from everyone involved. We are being as proactive as possible. In the meantime we have a bunch of reviews and other articles to post so with the help of our friends at SiteWhirks, we are going to finish up the website. Check here for any new developments. It's nice to know that people are checking in with their support every once and awhile. We know how frustrating it can be - believe me.

The Deal

On September 18, 2001 this message was added to the site: Greetings from the Tech Radio Crew. As promised, here are the details regarding our new arrangement and when and how the show can be heard. If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the TechRadio Messageboard.

What's The Deal: Tech Radio has been picked up by CNet Radio. CNet Radio has launched a talk-radio format that centers on the world of technology. The show will be airing live, every Saturday from 4-7 Pacific time, or 7-10 PM Eastern time (what's old is new again). There will also be Sunday replays.

How Can You Hear the Show: There are three different ways you'll be able to catch the show. First, if you are in the San Francisco area, you can catch the show on 910 AM. Second, CNet Radio can also be heard on Channel 130 on the brand new XM Satellite Radio system. If you haven't heard about XM Radio - head on over and get up to speed. We've seen the future and it rocks. Third, the show can be heard live and real-time via the Internet, at Bottom line, if you have a regular radio, no problem. If you are spending the weekend in Europe, no problem. If you are located anywhere in the U.S. and have one of those shiny new satellite radios, no problem.

Where is the Show Being Done From: We will be broadcasting live from studios located at XM Satellite Radio in Washington, DC. From these facilities, everyone can hear the show using one of the above 3 methods. After touring the XM facility we must say that they have one of the most amazing, if not THE most amazing, implementations of digital media technology that we've ever seen. Ever.

What About Regular Radio in the DC Area: CNet Radio has plans to expand their format coast-to-coast on regular radio stations. As they expand to additional cities, so does the show. At this time, there are indeed plans to expand, but the exact plan has not been revealed to us. In the meantime, we definitely can strike our own deal and find a station that will air us locally. We have recently contacted WTNT but we haven't heard from them yet. We don't have a lot of choices in this town but if anyone has any ideas we're all ears. We don't want to turn this into a shameless telethon, but if you contact any local stations and tell them that they should pick us up, we won't stop you :-)

What Else is Planned: At the moment the next step is to finish up the website and at the same time, pump some new ideas and energy into the show. We've had a nice vacation, now it's time to raise hell again. Everyone's really excited about taking the show to the next level!

When- When-When: CNet wants us to start up on Saturday, September 22nd. We're not 100% sure this is going to happen, but we'll keep you posted as best we can.

Ok, that's the deal - tell all your friends.

-- The Tech Radio Team

Tech Radio Statement

WJFK management has decided to go with a different weekend format and offered Tech Radio a midnight time slot. After the TR team discussed it amongst ourselves, we decided to decline that time slot and have voluntarily ended our three year run on WJFK. We have no animosity towards the WJFK management; they made the business decision they felt that they had to make.

If you wish to comment on the situation to WJFK management send email to us at and we'll forward them on to WJFK. Keep them polite! Tech Radio has no plans to resume broadcast currently, but keep your eyes on the webpage for future developments.

Thank you to everyone for their support and for listening to us spew nonsense for the last three years. It's been a great ride. -- The Tech Radio Team

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On July 24's Washington Post's Live Online Radio Talk with Washington Post Columnist Frank Ahrens a couple ask about the show. Maybe it just me but for a Washington "Radio Columnist" he doesn't seem to know much about one of Washington's top stations, but I figure I'd post it any way.

Annandale, Va.:
I'm sure much of today will be spent talking about the WJFK shakeup. I was wondering if you could address a few of things if you haven't already:
1. How do you think Don and Mike will do in a mid-day timeslot? Many of us who listen regularily just plain cannot listen to the radio during that time of day due to work. It's a shame that I will essentially no longer be able to listen to my favorite radio show anymore.
2. When in New York, I've listened to O&A; I just don't find them as entertaining as Don and Mike. Maybe it's the local D.C. angle D&M always take. How do you think O&A will do comapred to D&M in the same time slot?
3. One show overlooked is the Tech Radio Show Saturdays on WJFK. This show and Goss' Garage were the only things to listen to on WJFK weekends. Tech Radio was just cancelled. Do you know anything about their ratings, and do you have any opinions about that show?
Thanks in advance.
Frank Ahrens:
1) It is not an unrisky move for the Don and Mike show. Mornign show star Tom Joyner has shown in numerous cities--here in Washington last fall--that if you have loyal listeners, you can pack them up in a suitcase and carry them from station to station. Don and Mike are betting they can do the same thing and move their fans from afternoon to middays. I think you are right, however: Lots of peopel are in offices middays and radio signals don't penetrate office walls. Further, Don and Mike are not streamed on the Internet. Finally, their material--often raunchy and always boisterous--does not make for good, consensus-building at-work listening.
2) Have heard Opie and Anthony several times. They are a little younger than Don and Mike and more overtly sexual. Go to the Web site of their station, WNEW ( and see what they do (for instnance, their self-explanatory Whip Em Out Wednesdays contest). They'll probably fit fine at WJFK.
3) I have really no opinion or knowledge, sorry, about WJFK's weekend programming.

Northern Virginia:
I'm submitting this early because I'm hoping you'll get to it first before you respond to all the inevitable onslaught of comments on 99.5's contest and G. Gordon Liddy getting cancelled...
Were you familiar with the Tech Radio Show on WJFK on Saturday's from 2 to 4 pm? Well last Saturday was their last show because the station essentially forced them out (the hosts claim that they weren't "fired") by moving their show to midnight (!) on Saturdays.
I was one of the few people who absolutely loved this show; unlike ANY other show on the radio, I specifically made time to listen to it on Saturday, even if I was at home and not in my car. Jeff, the lead host, said that he would not consider moving the show to an AM station; I believe (not sure) that he said it wasn't real radio, or something like that. Do you agree with this? Could you PLEASE let him know here publically that AM radio would in fact be an excellent place for his show, and that if he would consider moving to AM he could probably get a better time slot than even Saturday's 2 to 4? Me and the rest of the show's fans would really appreciate it.
I was thinking of writing a letter (the first time in my life) to the station telling them politely how I feel. Do you think that would help?
Frank Ahrens:
I am not very familiar with teh show, but I have listened a couple of times. Here's your posting, which may do some good, and writing a letter won't hurt. If you can get lots of friends to write lots of letters, that will help your cause more. Radio responds to volume.

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