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Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical Review

The Facts

Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical

Main Features:

  • Fast scrolling and web navigation
  • Can be used on almost any surface without a mousepad
  • Compact shape fits left and right hands
  • Use it with desktop and notebook systems

Package Includes:

  • Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse
  • USB to PS/2 (6-pin) Mouse Adapter
  • MouseWare Software CD
  • User Guide


Logitech's optical wheel mouse is part of the companies first foray into optical mice. This is the base model and all the others have the same basic components. The first change from logitech's last generation of mice is the blue and translucent color of the mice. The top of the mouse is dark blue and the bottom is translucent blue allowing the red light of the optical system to shine through. Secondly is the optical sensor, on the bottom you can see a red light and a optical sensor. The mouse is shaped so that both left and right handed users can easily use the mouse. The mouse standard connector is USB and there is an adaptor to attach it to a PS/2 port. The mouse has about 6 feet of cord length. It has two buttons and one of the best wheels I've used in the center of the mouse.

The mouse ships with its own software called Mouseware. The software allows more control over the mouse than mac or windows provide. The most interesting part of the software is the web wheel, when activated by hitting the wheel button it activated the software which allows basic control of a web browser.

For 10 dollars more you can get the iFeel mouse, this is basically the same mouse but has a force-feedback motor. Special software tells the mouse to vibrate when it travels over certain areas of the screen, please that this is only available in windows. The MouseMan Optical ads several buttons and is shaped to fit right hands more ergonomically.


Overall: 8/10




Where to Buy

Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical
Logitech iFeel Mouse
Logitech MouseMan Wheel Optical
Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical


Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse Site

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