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Sony Dual Shock 2 Controller Review

The Facts

Sony Dual Shock 2 Controller

Main Features:

  • Comfortable analog controller
  • Buttons register both duration and amount of pressure
  • 2 convex analog thumb pads
  • 2 force-feedback solenoids, which rumble independently
  • Compatible with all Playstation 2 software, as well as Dual Shock-supported Playstation software

Package Includes:

  • Sony Dual Shock 2 Controller


While a controller for a console system may seem out of place, but using the previously reviewed Playstation To PC USB Adapter it can be turned into a PC controller. This is the latest version of Sony's Playstation Controllers, which many gamers regard as the best. The design of this controller is based on Nintendo's Super Nintendo controller. The controller has 12 buttons, 2 analog sticks, and a digital pad. Built into the handles of the controller are force feedback motors.

Controller Cord Extension

The controller fits well in my hands, and all buttons are in fingers length. The controller is a bit lighter than its predecessor, due to it's new force feedback motors. While I have not had a chance to try the new analog buttons, each button, except start and select, has 255 levels of sensitivity. Right now, no Sony Playstation controller adapters support these analog buttons, an no PC software supports it either. The analog sticks are extremely sensitive, allowing for very precise control.

The only problem with the controller is the cord length. When hooked up to the back of a PC, you don't have much distance to maneuver. The solution is to buy a cheap controller extension cable, with the extension cable attached you have an added 6 feet to work with. If you use game pads often, 35 dollars for one the best controllers is worth it. The controller is also very good looking its black with metallic bits, which gives it a very nice shine.


Overall: 9/10




Where to Buy

Dual Shock 2 Controller
Playstation Controller Extension Cable


Official Sony Dual Shock 2 Controller Product Page

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