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Playstation To PC USB Adapter Review

The Facts

Playstation to PC USB Adapter

Main Features:

  • USB connector on PC side
  • High Stability with all Playstation controllers
  • Full support to the Dual Shock function
  • Connect your Playstation Controller (Joypad, Dual Shock, Steering Wheel, Dancing Carpet etc.) to any PC via USB port

Package Includes:

  • Playstation to PC adapter
  • Windows drivers floppy disk


The Playstation to PC USB Adapter from is simple but useful device for using Sony PlayStation controllers with a PC or Mac. While Sony Playstation controller adapters have existed for a while, this is the first USB version I have seen. By using the USB port, all you have to do is plug in the adapter and install the drivers. Windows then automatically sets any Sony Playstation controller as a selectable controller. The hardest part of this process is finding the right driver, the disk that comes with the adapter has a driver for a Mad Catz controller. While it works, I found that using the driver for the SmartJoy, a similar adapter, works better. On a Macintosh system the controller is automatically recognized and ready to be used.

Playstation to PC USB Adapter

The Sony Playstation adapter supports all Sony Playstation controllers, wheels, and joysticks. The use of analog sticks are also supported. According to the site I bought the adapter from, force feedback is also supported, but I have not been able to get it to work. I have had intermittent problems with the adapter, but restarting the system it is attached too seems to fix the problem.

The Playstation to PC USB Adapter goes for 10 to 20 dollars, it is also possible to produce your own adapter that connects to a serial port. Remember to make use of the adapter you will need a Sony Playstation controller. If you buy a Sony Dual Shock 2 controller and the adapter, its only about 40 to 50 dollars. This is a comparable amount to the cost of a standard PC controller. All major Sony Playstation emulators work with the device, to use it with the adapter with Bleem you will need to look at this screen capture to correctly set up the button configuration.


Overall: 6/10




Where to Buy

Console Source
Easybuy 2000


Playstation To PC USB Adapter Product Manual
Playstation To PC USB Installation diskette/drivers

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